Virtual teambuildings that your people will love and remember.

Unique games and social activities personalized for your team. 90 minutes of pure fun and enjoyment with a professional host.

Get to know your team

Online activities that feel like offline

Team building is an event designed to improve group collaboration and dynamics. It’s important for:

Remotion provides personalized and emotional activities and events for teams all over the world. Each event content is personalized for your team and fully facilitated by a professional host. 

For whom?

Remote teams
C-level executives
Departments of enterprise corp.
Brave innovators
Remotion games

Personalized and unique event for your team

Foster cooperation and collaboration
Boost team culture
Create trust and shared memories
Curate a basis for productivity and motivation

Recommended event length: 90-120 minutes.
Recommended number of participants: up to 48.
Language of the event: English

Teambuilding consists of 5-7 mini-games. The most popular:

Trivia - select the correct answer
Buzz-in - the fastest to know the answer wins
Fact-match - all players answer interesting questions about themselves, other teams try to guess the answers.
Drawing - a team has to draw something collaboratively, the other teams need to guess what that is.

Participants play in small groups of 2-6 people, leaderboard after each round to maintain a healthy competition.



90-120 minutes event

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5-7 ready mini-games
Up to 48 participants
Professional host
Tech and admin support during the event
Standard presents
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Everything in Standard, plus:
Fully customizable content and program for your unique needs
Customized branding
Senior hosts as available
Preferred scheduling
Any number of rooms (with up to 48 participants in each room)
Curated presents for your team

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Why Remotion?

When everyone suddenly moved to remote work, we tried and tested various options and programs. Unfortunately, most event agencies conduct events using Zoom + PDFs/forms. These tools are not designed for engaging experiences, creating friction. You either listen to a single host or are cut off from others in the breakout room.

That’s why we created our own and unique form of online teambuilding that allows for genuine discussion and interaction, both in bigger and smaller groups.

Our mission is to make online teambuilding personal and interesting for all.

Curated platform keeps the attention till the end

We take your wishes and convert them into a fun and engaging format

Our platform doesn’t require extra software or instructions — just navigate by the link and participate in the browser

Our online event is not less fun and emotional than the offline version

We provide technical and admin support during the event.

We put a piece of our soul and heart into each event, so it cannot be dull. ❤️

Clients say:

“Everything was fantastic and on the highest level. Thanks a lot for the organization and event.”
Olga Vayner
HR Manager at Mobupps
“I always thought that online events are boring; it’s just a Zoom call with a presentation. But the online teambuilding with Remotion completely changed my mind. It was fun, energetic, and just about our team...”
Event manager at Uptech
“It’s not our first experience with online teambuilding. Usually, it requires a complex setup with several tools, links, files, rooms, etc. With Remotion, however, we just receive one link, entered the event, and had 90 minutes of pure fun and memorable emotions without any distractions or complications. Now we plan Remotion events for all our departments.”
HR, Royal budservice